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Roth 401k rollover
« on: November 20, 2018, 09:04:06 AM »
I have a Roth 401k with roughly $80,000 in it. I will be switching jobs and am debating what would be the smartest to do with it. Also just what my options are. The inception date is 10/05/12. And I have contributed roughly $25,000 to date. I also have a Roth IRA that I started 12/28/16. If I roll the Roth 401k into my Roth IRA, am I able to take out my contribution without any penalties? I don't know a ton about this stuff so any recommendations would be great. I know most on here are against Roth accounts. I did it just because we aren't in a high tax bracket and don't pay much in taxes. And my wife absolutely hates doing any finances so if something happens to me the Roth's will be easier for her since they have less rules and no rmd's. Thanks!


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