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Title: roll ETFs to Vanguard?
Post by: Emilyngh on June 10, 2014, 05:46:56 PM
When we started investing we did not have a ton of money and already had ING accounts, so purchasing ETFs through Sharebuilder (tied to ING) just made sense.   So, we have mainstream ETFs (including Vanguard ETFs) with expense ratios around 0.05%- 0.2% all in Sharebuilder.   We pay $6 a trade, but only add money a few times a year, so fees are low.   Most of these ETFs are in Roth or traditional IRA accounts.

I read a couple of articles about potential dangers of ETFs, and am unsure if I'm being paranoid, but am considering rolling this money Vanguard index funds.   Although I'm not sure if the risks of ETFs are so different from those of index funds?   Checking fees it seems like the ETFs have very similar fees as the index funds.   I guess the only downsides I see are: the pain of rolling over accounts in my name and DH's name, and that maybe there's not much to gain considering we already have funds with pretty low expenses?

Anything I'm missing or advice?