Author Topic: Question for New Zealand Investors - has anyone heard of or used The "Invest Now" platform?  (Read 1509 times)

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I came across them in a NZ Herald article this week.

The article mentioned they launched in January, after a quick search online  I haven't been able to find any reviews or comments from people using the platform.  But the name isn't particularly Google friendly!

One of the funds they offer access to is a Vanguard International Equity Australian Unit Trust, which has a much lower fee than the Smartshares total World Fund I'm making monthly contributions to at the moment, plus the FAQ's on the website indicate the platform provides performance reporting ect, which I don't have with Smartshares.

If there is anyone on here that has invested through them, what did you think?


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Did you find anything out about this? I'd be interested in hearing.

I see you're in Auckland. My wife and I are moving there from the States at the end of the month and it would be great to meet fellow Mustachians there.


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I've been using investnow for about 2 months now.  The user interface is ok, but once I worked out how the process of investing works it's quite simple to use. 

They only have a very limited number of smartshare funds and only 2 vanguard funds but it seems like a good range overall. They also have access to managed funds as well, but I won't be using those.