Author Topic: Our Crypto Investment strategy (slow and steady investing for the win)  (Read 5442 times)


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Re: Our Crypto Investment strategy (slow and steady investing for the win)
« Reply #100 on: July 13, 2021, 04:43:09 AM »
Two I am most excited about, team checks out, research is good and has big plans.
I have already researched a tiny fraction (say 10 or so) of the countless coins out there. Aside from the obviously meme coins, nearly all have some very interesting and - at first glance - viable use case described. The truth is however, which coin to choose? It always bails out to "i like it / i don't like it". No one knows which of the coins will survive. And I doubt that the vast majority will do so.

If the paper-pushing part of every large transaction is eliminated, that's a huge gain.
Well, I may be biased because I come from europe, but here in the SEPA world, we don't have much issues with paper pushing.
- Waive your card - done.
- Open web page of bank, enter transaction - done.
Payments arrive the next day usually in the entire EU.

Of course that doesn't hold true for really large transactions (say, thousands).
But here is the catch: thats a feature not a bug!
The paper pushing the bank has to do is to avoid criminals taking your money, or diverting it; in short it is there that the transaction takes place safely and legally.
If i wire 10k to any other party, I *want* it to be checked. And that takes time.
Technically, the current payment systems could wire money at a very fast rate, but the bureocracy (which artifically slows the process down) is there for a reason.