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Opinions about Zopa
« on: September 02, 2014, 03:42:20 PM »
I was thinking at gradually starting investing my savings, which now sit in savings account. I don't really need them and I don't plan to use them in the short/mid term so I was looking for something with higher returns.

I live in the UK, I maxed out a cash ISA (I recently moved here and started working here and I preferred to begin putting away some cash I can have instant access to it) and now I think I'm ready to go with something a more risky/profitable.

My idea was to put some money in Zopa for now and then open a new ISA with index funds as soon as the new fiscal year starts. In that way I will start immediately have my money work for me and I'll also start diversifying my investments.

Does this strategy make sense?

Do you have any experience with Zopa? Is there something I should be aware of when investing there?