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« on: June 09, 2020, 06:49:57 AM »
I'd been wanting to try my hand at investing in individual stocks, but didn't know how to choose good ones.  There's so much data and different metrics available and trying to understand what was important & what it all meant was confusing & stressful.  I'd dabbled a little with $500 in a Robbinhood account, but kept my main assets in Vanguard indexs.  When the recent crash came I spent more time reading & researching the market and somehow discovered  It's run by a guy in Switzerland, Dr. Hermann Stern, who's main occupation is analyzing CEO & company performance.  He developed the Obermatt method of ranking stocks on a 1-100 scale along with simple Red/Yellow/Green bar graphs to simplify all the metrics into rankings that compare stocks in a simple meaningful way. 

I use the Obermatt filter, which is a simple screener, to identify stocks that are at the top of their groups.  Then I cross check the good ones against other data sources, looking at the charts, recent insider purchases, etc.  So far it's worked quite well.  Over the past couple of months the portfolio of about 20 stocks that I chose have done much better than the popular index funds and also some managed funds that I'm tracking.  I know the market is in turmoil right now, and this is only a very short timeframe, so it is likely that I've just gotten lucky.  Anyway, I just wanted to share Obermatt with anyone that might be looking for something to simplify stock picking & maybe increase your luck too.

Hermann offers a limited use version and also emails stock list of his Top Ten stock picks, according to the indexes you choose (from 100 or so).  Since I was impressed with the Obermatt method I decided to subscribe for a month to try the full version which allows you view & store longer lists of stocks, and receive the Top Ten picks 7 days earlier.

If you try it post here and let me know how you like it.  If there's interest, I may post results after I've been using Obermatt longer.  Right now I'm just a beginner and my opinion & results don't really justify a conversation.