Author Topic: Retirement account record keeping?  (Read 1478 times)


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Retirement account record keeping?
« on: January 24, 2015, 11:38:55 AM »
I'm in the process of moving all of our trad IRA's and Roth IRA's over to Vanguard.  I want to make sure I have all the necessary records from Fidelity and Edward Jones before the old accounts are closed.

My trad IRA's is made up of old 401k rollovers (with employer match and all pre-tax contributions) and a pension rollover that an old employer cashed me out of.  My wife's trad IRA is made up of a SEP-IRA rollover and regular IRA contributions.  I'm thinking since all the contributions are pre-tax, I really don't need to know in the future where and when all the contributions came from.  It will all be taxed as regular income.  I'm thinking I don't need any records.  Are there any other special future tax considerations I am missing that I would need records for?

For our Roth IRA's, I think I just need to know when and how much the contributions were, so if I want to do the 5yr Roth contribution tax and penalty free withdraw I have records of how much I can withdraw.  Am I missing any other special future tax considerations that I would need records for?