Author Topic: New job, need advice on what funds to invest in. Only I don't know them. Help.  (Read 1788 times)


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So I have taken a new job with a large enough raise to fund my wife and my Roths from this year forward.  They also have a simple IRA plan.  The advisor is coming on Thursday and I spoke to him on the phone.  I asked him to email me a list of the available funds.  He said they have a ton of them and he would show me on Thursday.  I pressed but he wouldn't send.  weird.  The company matches until 3 percent but I am going to put in 10 percent.  I asked about vanguard funds and he said he has some but others with lower fees.  So I know the vanguard funds but can people recommend perhaps 5 other funds in case the v ones are not good options?

Also what is the question I should ask him about being loyal to me as opposed to selling his funds?

I will be moving $120k from my 401k over into vanguard funds and may have him do it.

Rambling post but I would appreciate any help.  Projected fire 52 to 56 being 35 now.


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If you're moving your old 401(k) to an IRA, I would do it yourself through Vanguard.

My guess is he's going to give you a sales pitch about out-performance and all that stuff. Ignore it all and go with the cheapest index funds only. My guess is that Vanguard or Fidelity Spartan will be the best options if they offer those.


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When moving your 401k, just move it to Vanguard yourself.

As far as your new employee plan, look for the lowest cost index funds. Preferably a total U.S. stock market and total international stock market. Then if you invest in bonds, a bond index fund (probably total bond market) would be best.

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