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Title: My Core Four
Post by: Zman on April 29, 2016, 10:29:39 AM
Currently in wealth building mode and have my AA set up with the following targets:

VTI   :   70%
VXUS:   15%
BND   :   5%
VNQ   :   10%

My reasoning is that VNQ and BND get lumped together in my mind as bond style investments and VXUS and VTI as stock investments. This puts me at an aggressive 85/15 stock to bond ratio.

So this is my set-it-and-forget-it rotisserie chicken asset allocation, and I was thinking I'd run it by this forum to see what everyone thinks (or doesnt think) about it and if any changes are recommended. I'm not super ERE / FIRE so I dont need to retire within a decade, I'm more interested in long-term growth.
Title: Re: My Core Four
Post by: Seppia on April 29, 2016, 11:13:29 AM
I would personally invest the stock part by world market cap, so approximately 50/50 between USA and rest of the world, but I perfectly understand having a bit of home bias (assuming you are in the states)