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Over $320,000 in Roth IRAs at age 32 is huge. How early did you start maxing your Roth IRA contributions (or did you have a former employer sponsored Roth account rolled into an IRA)?  Do you have retirement plans at work? If you have access to a tax-deferred account at work, you should be maximizing that; if not, you should probably be using a Traditional IRA for future contributions.

You'll probably have to pay fees to sell many of your holdings (generally any stock or outside mutual fund transactions have transaction fees), but it will be worth it to get your expense ratios lower. Check with Fidelity and T Rowe Price for details. You might consider transferring your T Rowe Price Roth IRA into your Fidelity Roth IRA (or open a Vanguard Roth IRA to transfer into). It looks like T Rowe Price will charge $20 to transfer out, but you will save over $200/yr with the lower expense ratios of VTSAX or FSTVX.


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Yes, you'll have to pay trade fees, but Fidelity is only like $8 per trade. If you liquidate each position in its entirety in one trade, you'll only pay $64, and FSTVX is free to trade at Fidelity.


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Re: Investment Breakdowns - Stocks v Bonds
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Selling outside mutual funds incurs a $35 fee at vanguard and T.Rowe price charges a .5% fee for the sell or exchange of shares held less than 90 days.  Just something to keep in mind as you move funds around.