Author Topic: Max 401K or Direct Investments in Vanguard Admiral Shares?  (Read 775 times)


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Max 401K or Direct Investments in Vanguard Admiral Shares?
« on: February 11, 2019, 06:54:00 AM »
My current goal is to save $42,000/year. Right now I'm investing:

1,000/mo. in two Roth IRAs (my wife and mine).
450/mo. into my 401K (My company does a 5% match and this is the smallest amount my portion will be in any given month...I'm in sales so monthly commissions can increase this number slightly).

This puts me right around $17,400 saved for the year.

To save the full 42k I need to save another $24,600 or ~$3,500/month. This means I've got $2,050 I need to be investing each month to achieve my FIRE goals.

My question: Should I increase my 401K contribution so I'll contribute the max $19,000/yr ($1,500/mo.) or deposit everything about my employer match into my Vanguard Admiral funds each month.

My main hesitation to putting it into the 401K is withdraws. I believe I'll be FIRE ready at 40 which is a long way before I'm allowed to withdraw from my 401K. What are your recommendations and am I misunderstanding something about my future ability to withdraw from a 401K before 59.5?