Author Topic: Market in Mid-Term Off Presidential Election Year results since 1962  (Read 925 times)


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So we're up almost 50% since President Trump was elected.  One thing to consider after consuming all the headlines of the 666 (scary) point "crash" on Friday, which seems largely driven by XOM and CVX and probably AAPL (or the FBI memo if you prefer to buy into that theory, or the even more likely theory it's a result of the 10 YR pushing 2.8%) is since 1962, there have been declines in all 14 mid-term election cycles

7 of the last 8 presidential off-cycle election years have had declines of < correction territory (or 20%) with 3 of those 7 considered to be "major" corrections of between 10-20%

In 2014, the market was down 7.4% in the S&P 500.

Careful where you get your news and plan accordingly.