Author Topic: Leading Irish medic in USA castigates ‘lunatic in charge’ over covid measures  (Read 806 times)


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had to post this.

Trump is going to do what the British PM tried to do but backed down.  Trump will allow covid to 'RIP' through USA relatively unhindered, then try and quickly re-inflate the economy in an attempt to save his presidency. He will easily accept any losses/death being the good psychopath he is.

I reckon within 4 weeks ish the market could experience another startling dip due to the massive infection/death rate in USA.  Any stimulus attempt now could be squandered and largely ineffective for the wave of covid about to trash the USA.  However, in a few months the USA will have developed reasonable immunity (minus 1% ish that will be dead).

There's a madman at the helm folks.



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But the US states are almost as independent as the EU member states when it comes to Covid-19 response. I don't see the west coast states or most of the eastern seaboard lightening up. But if Texans want to die, who am I to stand in their way?


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^  This.  The president might have some emergency powers that I don't know about, but otherwise it isn't up to him.

A video explaining how Trump came to this conclusion.  Definitely not safe for work.


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My point is that the USA cover strategy will have little effect. USA markets should suffer as the issue increases in a few weeks

China’s lock down worked because the state worked as one..

Everywhere else is divided and everyone tends to think of themselves more so. I.e as long as we are ok to hell with others.

We’re not at bottom yet.


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It's not really his choice. Trump didn't shut much down, the state governors did.

Also, I'm skeptical it would work even if the states went along with it. Will people really go back to restaurants while cases are rising?

Enough to make the issue much worse, sure. Enough to fix the economy? I doubt it.