Author Topic: Just opened our first Roth IRA, but unsure what to choose for investments...  (Read 2450 times)

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We had $10,000 in extra savings and decided to open Roth IRA's for both the husband and I, through Vanguard.  I opened mine and sort of just guessed on which investments to choose.  All $5,000 went into the following mutual funds: 

STAR Fund, minimum $3,000, expense ratio .34%
Target Retirement 2045, minimum $1,000, expense ratio .18%
Total Stock Market Index, minimum $1,000, expense ratio .18%

Do these look like good choices?  I still have to open one for my husband and want to know if I should mix it up a bit?


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Generally you want to figure out your asset allocation as a whole, then place less tax efficient investments into the Roth.

Do you have an Investment Policy Statement?
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