Author Topic: Is the market too low? The horrible index thread  (Read 1861 times)


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Is the market too low? The horrible index thread
« on: September 04, 2014, 12:42:34 AM »
Oh no! The Market is at the all-time High! Scary stuff, many threads about it, DCA
or LumpSum?? Big questions, yiadda yiadda.

I wanted to start this thread to talk about the losers, the index that are performing horribly in these last know, buying low, selling high. I'm not advocating any strategy nor I'm insinuating that everyone should invest in those index. It's more morbid curiosity than anything else really.

So I'm looking for an open discussion and suggestions and such. I know tax are a hot topic but let's keep it low since not everyone has the same tax system.

I'll start with a couple of horrible-performing index, preferring the one that trades in companies/equity and not directly price of materials/goods:

STOXX Global Rare Earth - beware of the bubble aftermath

MSCI Russia / Eastern Europe - Probably because of the winter olympics

Gold mine producers - Strangely not really correlated with hip-hop bling rappa music

MSCI Chile - A recession as long as its coastline

So what's your favorite underdog?