Author Topic: Is Mango Money Requiring $500/mo DD for existing customers for 6% interest now?  (Read 1656 times)


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I just noticed the website says the below now.  Does anyone know if this applies to existing customers too?  I didn't get anything in the mail so I'm confused how they could make a huge change like this.

"A direct deposit of $500.00 monthly and a minimum balance of $1.00 at the end of the month is needed to qualify for the 6.00%."


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Fatwallet has a thread. I think they sold the business to another bank.  I figured 6% would not last forever.

My understanding is that it applies to everyone.


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When you switched over to the new Visa product, it was part of the new account disclosures. If you have not switched over to the new Visa card, then they are closing out your account and mailing you a check. Everyone is a 'new' customer to the Visa version of Mango Money so it applies to everyone.


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