Author Topic: Investment order for on-again, off-again expat (US/Canada)?  (Read 151 times)


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Long-time reader coming out of lurking to ask a question on behalf of my sister.  Said sister currently has most of her money in simple savings accounts, and would like to start investing, but is unsure how to do in a tax-advantaged way given her cross-border employment and residency. 

Basically, we're looking for a suggested investment order for someone who oscillates regularly between living and working in the US versus Canada.  Sister is a US citizen with Canadian permanent residency, and her job has involved a series of short- to mid-term contract roles (ranging in length from a few months to a few years) in both the US and Canada (but only one at any given time).  In her field, it's a coin flip as to which side of the border her next job will be located.  When working in Canada, her entire salary is usually excluded from US taxation, and therefore our understanding is she cannot contribute to an IRA.  She plans to retire in the US, so is wary of putting too much income into an RRSP.

Does anyone have a suggested investmest order for this situation?