Author Topic: Investing $100k Inheritance  (Read 1499 times)


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Investing $100k Inheritance
« on: August 16, 2019, 07:34:18 AM »
Hi MMM community,

Disclaimer: I did some digging through the forum and didn't find many answers specific to my situation. As a new user, please feel free to direct me to another post if you feel one already applies!

I am looking for advice on investing $100k and putting this money to work appropriately! Would love any thoughts as I'm fairly novice in the investment game aside from reading MMM over the last few years.

- 27F, newly married to a 30M
- $120k combined income
- Debt free outside of ~$2k left on husband's student loans, as well as one low interest mortgage payment
- $35k in my 401k
- Own one house (in my name) that we are planning to begin renting out this autumn; ~$100k left to pay in principal

Financial Goals
- Career freedom and peace of mind. I presently love my job but would also love the comfort of knowing I can exit in 10-15 years to explore new opportunities. Partner would like to retire asap and work freely as needed.

We comfortably pay all our bills each month while saving well/semi-aggressively. Presently, we are looking to purchase a second home for us to live in while fixing up (husband is a carpenter) to eventually rent out along with this current home. Honestly, I just want to put this $100k into a fund that will grow really well. I read a post on $100k windfall to invest in a 529 or a taxable VTSAX but I'm not sure if this applies to my situation as we are not planning for children soon. I think we can be more aggressive with these funds, though I'm not sure where to begin.

Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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Re: Investing $100k Inheritance
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2019, 07:56:28 AM »
Sorry for the loss that led to this inheritance!

It might be too late for this if the money is already in your possession, but you should consider whether you want to put this in an account with your husband's name on it. It's usually something people don't want to consider, thinking it won't happen to them, but that includes the large number if couples who get divorced, so you never know. This is your inheritance, so as long as you don't "commingle" it with marital finances, it won't be among the assets split in the event of divorce. If it is commingled (but sending it through an account that you both own) then it will be split. Just something to think about. If you're fine taking that risk, then that's fine, just take it with your eyes open. would be worth reading.

I'm not sure where you saw the advice to put an inheritance in a 529, but I would place that account towards the end of the priorities. Any future children can borrow to fund their education, you can't borrow to fund retirement.

There's nothing inherently different about money from an inheritance than money from anything else, so I would suggest putting it in accounts in the order recommended here: Obviously you can't put it directly into a 401(k), but if you can't otherwise contribute the max to your 401(k) you could up your payroll deductions "too much" and live off the inheritance to make up the difference. This would be counter to keeping the inheritance separate from marital assets, so make that decision first. If you don't want to split the inheritance in the event of divorce, ignore the investment order and put it straight into a taxable account in your name only and keep it there.

As far as what do invest in would be worth a read to get a broad sense. Once you know what asset classes you want to invest in and in what amounts you can come back here for advice on particular investments based on the company you choose to invest with. Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, Etrade, and TD Ameritrade would be my suggestions, probably in that order, with possible variation depending if you or your husband wants to open a self employed retirement plan.


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