Author Topic: Help me get started with my pension.  (Read 2163 times)


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Help me get started with my pension.
« on: June 11, 2014, 05:34:39 PM »
(Originally posted in the wrong section I think; sorry)
Let me start by saying that I've browsed the MMM website and forums off and on for a while now, applying bits and pieces but never making a commitment to any real life altering changes.  Although the notions and principles put forward through the community made sense to me, my wife and I both do reasonably well for ourselves and, in all honesty, have considered ourselves to be doing pretty well considering our age (we're both 30).

Recently we've found out that we're pregnant [it was expected and hoped for :)] and the realization that this little life is going to be solely dependant on me & my wife for all of their needs has really given me a large kick in the pants to get both our financials and our life plan in order.

I'm going to need to do this one step at a time so I'm going to start with my pension investments. My company matches up to a certain % of my pay and I currently match the maximum amount.  My picks have done well over the last 2 years (I think), but the more reading I do, the more it seems like that's simply due to the timing of my joining the plan rather than any sort of stock picking skills that I may think I have.  I need to be in this for long haul and I'd like to optimize what I'm putting my money into for that very reason.  I'd love for some advice on your what you think my best investments would be given the limited options I have to invest in through the plan. I apologize for the long post but I'm trying to be thorough.  I don't understand the indexes compared to reading JLcollinsnh posts...

Rates of Return Summary (only been in the plan 3 years now)
3 Month    YTD    1 Year    2 Year    3 Year    5 Year
1.1%    5.5%    19.9%    22.0%    N/A    N/A
Current Investment:
15%    B.G. Canadian Equity (0.60% fund management fee)
70%    MFS Global Equity      (1% fund management fee)
15%    SLF Universe Bond Fund (0.52% fund management fee)

Investments Available:
 Fund   Annualized Percentage
     BLK LP Index Retirement    0.52 %
     BLK LP Index 2020 Fund    0.56 %
     BLK LP Index 2030 Fund    0.67 %
     BLK LP Index 2040 Fund    0.67 %
     BLK LP Index 2015 Fund    0.51 %
     BLK LP Index 2025 Fund    0.62 %
     BLK LP Index 2035 Fund    0.67 %
         MFS Global Equity            1.00 %
     BLK LP Index 2045 Fund    0.66 %
     SLF Universe Bond Fund    0.52 %
     BLK LP Index 2050 Fund    0.70 %
     B.G. Canadian Equity    0.60 %
     B.G. Balanced Fund            0.60 %
     CC&L Grp Balanced Plus    0.60 %
     CC&L Grp Cdn Equity Fnd 0.56 %
     SLF Money Market            0.18 %


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Re: Help me get started with my pension.
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2014, 05:58:17 PM »
Your choices are unfortunate. Depending on when you want to retire and what asset allocation (stocks/bonds) you are comfortable with, I would likely just put my money into something like the BLK LP Index 2050 Fund. I don't like any of the high expense ratios in your pension, but what can you do? Out of the 20 funds in my 401k, I stick with just one due to that.

Once you're invested in the fund, just stick with it through the ups and downs. In the end you will be doing great.


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