Author Topic: Have you noticed getting any special treatment when you hit a certain $ balance?  (Read 1362 times)


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At any brokerages?  I seem to be getting more calls.


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Personal Capital and Vanguard send me lots of emails wanting me to hire them for personal services. Today I got a colorful brochure in the mail from Vanguard for the first time.

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LOL, I have always had Vanguard flagship service because my grandpa is a millionaire the whole family gets it. I have a personal representative. But the funny thing is that I have never had enough money to have many questions about it!

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Nope.  I've been a Fidelity private client for decades.  But I've specifically told them to leave me alone.  They get it and although I've had changes in my manager, they obviously have a big red note on my file "DON'T CALL THIS GUY".  I have just under $2M combined at Fidelity.

I get a call maybe once a year from TDAmeritrade and never any from Schwab. 


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When my TDAmeritrade balance went over 1M I started getting phone calls about every 2 months. After a couple years it went under 1M and the calls were about 6 months apart. Since its been below 750,000 for the past year I haven't heard from them.


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Between flips we keep a shitload of cash in our regular bank account. OMG, they were driving us crazy wanting to pressure us into "investing" with them. We finally had the manager put a "Do not bother about investments" note on our account. The calls mostly stopped. When I get the occasional call from a newbie, I just tell them to call the manager of our branch, which stops them cold.

Last week we bought an RV. We went to the bank for a cashier's check. It was kinda fun, knowing that even though the new-to-us rig was quite expensive, it didn't make a huge dent in our balance. We got the cashier's check with no fees and zero hassle, which was nice. In fact, the manager came over and chatted with us about the motorcycle her husband just bought, while the cashier finished creating the check. DH advised her to buy cheap term life insurance asap. Love that guy!

What I notice is more confidence on my part.  When you have plenty of money, it's amazing how many "problems" simply aren't any more. It gives me a surprising feeling of buoyancy, and I like it.


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Once I became a member of the "Private Client Group" at Fidelity, I have noticed that I get through to a live person on the phone a lot quicker.  In fact, I think I got a different number to call when I need to contact Fidelity.

My personal rep wants to chat about every 6 months.  I schedule those calls, but I rarely take any of his advice.  He does try hard to sell me some new idea each time though.  :)