Author Topic: Fees for CIBC imperial pool  (Read 1772 times)


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Fees for CIBC imperial pool
« on: August 18, 2015, 10:21:53 AM »
Is anyone familiar with the fees for investing in the CIBC imperial pool?

I am asking for a relative invested with them.

The MER on the basket of things they own I can find and are all below 1%.
To me the balance of 6 products looks well split into bonds and equities for their age.

But the actual anual rate fee for the "advisor" "managing" the portfolio is not clear.

Seriously, you would think this should be clearly stated in the 9page monthly report they send.

I am pretty sure I calculated it at ~2%/year based on some bond sale transactions for fees in the past month.

But it still makes me mad this rate isn't clear in their report or when I did a quick Goole search.

Are these fees negotiable?