Author Topic: Wealthfront's New "Time Off" Feature and Mustachian Philosophy  (Read 669 times)


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Wealthfront recently announced a new feature where you can hypothetically schedule taking time off work in the future and adjust your investments around that, while it shows you the impact. Article:

I am NOT a Wealthfront user, recently got started with Vanguard and trying the DIY approach, however I have been thinking about this concept for a few weeks now and this announcement inspired me to ask the community.

FIRE is cool and that's the goal, but what if I decided to not take a linear path to get there? The normal equation would be maxing out savings and income generation for however long it takes to achieve FIRE. My specific proposition is what if one wanted to take some time off in the middle of the income generating years in order to spend more time raising young children, then resume work later on once the kids are occupied with school? This is kind of like a self-funded extended maternity/paternity leave, where one borrows FIRE time from the future. What might that look like from an investment perspective?

Any thoughts or experiences?