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End of Year Vanguard Questions
« on: December 25, 2014, 09:30:34 PM »
So I am in the process of simplifying and rebalancing my Vanguard portfolio.  I have a couple of Christmas Day questions for the forum.

1.  IF I place an order today when the market is closed, do the funds get purchased first thing in the morning at opening price or at the end of day tomorrow at closing price?  I can't find that on Vanguard's website

2.  Am I correct in assuming that since most of the Cap Gains have been transferred through there wouldn't be much harm in selling this year vs. first of next? 


So I have an answer for #1.  The funds all get settled after 4pm close of the day they are entered.  On #2, still no clue, but I did my selling anyway. 

At first it was a bit disappointing to see 187 views and not a single response.  HOWEVER, I realized that the MMM crowd would rather add something of value rather than dodging my questions and telling me that:  1.   I am stupid for using Vanguard.  2.  I should be buying Gold, SPDR or some other unrelated useless Pontification.  Thank you!  Less is more!
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