Author Topic: Employer offers 401a to roth IRA rollover-different than mega backdoor roth ira?  (Read 674 times)


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So my employer offers an after-tax 401a defined contribution plan up to $56,000 annual limit, separate and in addition from their pre-tax 403b and 457 plans.

They allow in-service withdrawals and offer the option to rollover/convert the after-tax 401a DCP to a roth IRA. The main question is: is this basically a mega backdoor roth IRA where I need to make sure I have no existing traditional/rollover IRAs? Or is it it's own distinct option?

When I asked my employer's retirement department at Fidelity, they said I would not need to worry about that.

Here is  the link to the flyer:


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It does sound like it's basically the mega backdoor Roth, just with a 401a, which most people don't have.

But the mega backdoor Roth does not require that you have no existing traditional IRA balances. That's the regular backdoor Roth.