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Deferred Comp Plan
« on: November 16, 2016, 03:14:25 AM »
I just started putting money into my states deferred comp plan. Company matches up to $50/month for first few years of service then it increases.

I chose to allocate the funds to:
BlackRock LifePatch Index 2050 Fund J (a TRF)
Net expense ratio: .17%
Gross expense ratio:.17%
I guess that's the link although I don't see fund J tho.

I'm thinking instead after reading some books that I instead should put the money into the BlackRock Total Stock Market Index K
Ticker: BKTSX
Net expense ratio: .03%
Gross expense ratio: .16%

Would love your opinions. Should I just simply invest directly in the total stock market and let it ride or stay with the target retirement fund (higher expense ratio). I realize I might get the answer to do maybe 90/10 stock/bond. In that case maybe I could do the total stock market and then put 10 percent into BlackRock US Total Bond Index K (ticker: WFBIX)
 And then of course rebalance one or twice a year.

This is starting out with just 50 bucks a month but once I get married next year we are planning to max contribute to this thing ($18,000/year).