Author Topic: Market Timing and Investing HELOC  (Read 2043 times)


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Market Timing and Investing HELOC
« on: April 04, 2018, 08:25:23 AM »
I have a small HELOC balance ($6k) we used to do some time-sensitive repairs around the house before our baby arrived last summer. With baby coming I didnt want to use EF for these updates.

Its at 4%, with a minimum payment of $100, but have generally been paying $500/mo.  My plan was to open a taxable account as soon as its paid off. 401k/Roth/HSA/Dependent care FSA are all maxed already, but this would be first non-tax advantaged account besides EF in online savings (~3mo).

I found out I can expect a bonus to be paid this fall, lets call it $15k post tax.

Would it be ridiculous for me to think of writing a check from HELOC now to open Vanguard taxable account (to get Admiral fund VTSAX)? Or do I just wait, pay off HELOC and then open account with whatever is left of bonus  and then the monthly $500 addition I am doing now.

No specific goals for money, just additional long term savings.



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