Author Topic: Chart differences - why does google finance show different return than Vanguard?  (Read 1482 times)

Kevin Aster Tin Obin

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I am a believer in VTSAX, etc. But my employer plan doesn't offer VTSAX, but it does offer PRIMECAP.  I usually look at charts in Google finance and see PRIMECAP compares about equal (slightly less return) over last 10 years.  But when looking on vanguard website, PRIMECAP beats VTSAX over 10 years.!

Does this have to do with dividends and total return calculated with/without dividends?

Thanks for reviewing.


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Yes, it absolutely has to do with dividends being reinvested.

Use Morningstar. Whenever you search for a fund they show you a growth of $10k graph (which is calculated with dividend reinvestments)