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Last year was my first winter back in a cold weather climate and it really took a toll on me. ( Pandemic obviously was a large factor in this) I otherwise love where I live and the quality of life I have but late December- March can be brutal as most of my joy/muse comes from being active out in nature. I did by a fat tire bike and cross country skis which made a big difference but sometimes those freezing/ dark/grey days are just too much.

I’m curious to know what purchases folks have made for the cold winter months that have had the greatest impact on their quality of life and well being.

Some ideas I’m considering:
Saunna for the backyard, hot tub, nice treadmills, most expensive: “no matter what” travel fund to do 3-4 day get aways in warm weather climates each month.

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Re: Best “cold weather” purchase to increase quality of life
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Last winter was our first in Nova Scotia (moving from Tampa).  I really enjoyed it, and I can point to a couple of things, purchase-wise.

1) We have a pellet stove, which I love, but we didn't purchase (it came with the house).  It's a reasonably nice one, I think -- a Piazzetta.  The heat and light you get from fire is just different than other sources (we also have a heat pump).  And a pellet stove is a relatively easy and efficient way to do it.

2) We bought a spin bike for the basement.  I like to trail run, and run outside as long as the ground isn't too wet / snowy.  From December through April, though, I used the heck out of the spin bike.  I like to do "rhythm spin" videos on youtube where the pace is synced to music -- we have a smart TV in the basement.  I don't really listen to this kind of music, but there are some EDM and reggaeton rides that I really enjoy.  Gabriella Guevara is probably my favorite, but there are a bunch.

3) Along the same lines, we also got a TRX for Christmas.  Same thing -- I use videos on Youtube (TRX Blast).  This I've been using year round (although I still prefer running when the weather is nice).  I've never done any sort of weight training before, so this has been a really nice addition to my routine.  I typically do it twice a week.

4) None of us are good skaters, but we all got ice skates.  There's a Lion's Club nearby that has a free outdoor rink, and I really like that.  Skating outside (badly) on a clear blue day is really great.

5) We also all got Yaktrax and did a lot of winter hiking.

6) I love to sled, and my daughter does too.

I'm interested in the sauna idea, and a little interested in the hot tub (that seems like too much maintenance for me).  We have friends that built a little sauna on a trailer -- I'll have to try theirs out.  I've also toyed with the idea of an infra-red sauna for the basement.  Honestly, though, the cold doesn't really bother me so much (I just wear warm clothes) so I don't know how much I care about these.  And I don't feel like where we are is so grey, but I assume that varies year to year.  As long as I can get some sun, I seem to do OK.  Oh, one other thing that probably helps -- I work from home, and I put my desk in front of two beautiful windows that get a lot of light.  And I try to get outside on my lunch break (when I'm not doing TRX).

I'm also interested in cross country skiing, but we haven't done that yet.  I'm curious to see what other folks recommend as well.


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You should probably look into some psychiatric help! Who moves back to the north? Yeah I get it, family, jobs, ugh.... I left snow 3 years ago and have never been happier.

Cross Country Skis are a must. Lots of people snow mobile, ice fish, downhill ski, drink way too much. I am an Avid runner so a good treadmill is a must. Yaktracks are good for hiking but you will destroy them running outside, you can use short sheetmetal screws in your old running shoes for traction. If that is a little to cheap here is the professional version:

Take your vitamin D supplements and stay warm. Good Luck!


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What kind of area? Is it a place that gets good snow? Or some snow with just lots of cold? If I was back in upstate NY where we would have feet of snow for a couple months each year, I’d invest in some (used) good snowshoes. Add another interesting dimension to hiking.

I would also research and get top of the line gloves. I have some gortex ones that turn 28 this winter that I could not live without.

Actually, whatever body part tends to bring discomfort, I would shell out the dollars on the best gear for it. For me it’s hands. I have decent boots, but if I am moving at all, my feet stay toasty.

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Electric throw from Costco.

Full electric blankets or mattress covers are super expensive and they just don't last more than a few seasons so the electric throw is a much better bang for your buck, they are big enough to heat half a queen size bed.  The cat loves it too.

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It's not about making a purchase, although that can be part of it.  Here's a quick list to improve those cold weather months and keep warm:

Wood stove, indoor exercise equipment, warm clothes, warm outerwear, breath warming mask, stay inside, socialize, light therapy, gym, remote car starter, indoor hobbies, board games, movies, music, home projects, travel somewhere warm, cooking/baking,

Also, there are crap loads of lists on the interwebs about things you can do in the winter.  Enjoy.


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A boot dryer. Warm dry boots in the morning are wonderful. Dry boots are much warmer as well.


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