Author Topic: Personal Capital not properly reflecting Fidelity Accounts  (Read 897 times)


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Personal Capital not properly reflecting Fidelity Accounts
« on: September 30, 2018, 06:03:11 AM »
Anyone else having trouble with Personal Capital not showing the proper balances for their Fidelity Accounts?  I've got 3 accounts at Fidelity that all show the issue.  I've got another Fidelity account that doesn't have the issue.  My wife's Fidelity Accounts don't show the issue.   Personal Capital footnotes the accounts with the message "This Account appears to be closed".   I've tried deleting the accounts in Personal Capital and re-adding them, to no avail.  I sent Personal Capital a service request 9 months ago, and many subsequent requests.  Here is Personal Capital's latest response back to my request for an update on resolving the issue:
Colby, Sep 28, 10:41 AM PDT:
I apologize but there still is not an ETA for a resolution of this issue. I have spoke with out engineering team and confirmed the issue is still being investigated. I check for updates from this team daily and assure you I will be in contact once I receive any new information. We appreciate your patience throughout this process.
Personal Capital Support


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Re: Personal Capital not properly reflecting Fidelity Accounts
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2018, 11:35:41 AM »
Not Fidelity, but my USAA accounts haven't properly updated on there in two years.  Thankfully I have almost nothing in those accounts so the impact is negligible.