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Automatic Investing and Questions
« on: June 02, 2016, 10:38:21 AM »
I only opened my Vanguard account in February and have made a total of 2 transfers.  Much of this time has been just me getting comfortable with investing in something other than a 401k and savings account.

This morning I took the next step to automate my investments and set up an automatic transfer ($500/month).  I plan to increase this when I return from maternity leave but this is all I can handle right now.

I now have everything ($10k) in VTSMX.  Will Vanguard automatically convert these to Admirable shares or do I need to call them for this happen?

I was also thinking about buying into VGTSX, but I'm not sure if I should do that now or wait until I get to about $20k in my VTSMX first. 



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Re: Automatic Investing and Questions
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2016, 02:10:55 PM »
When I hit 10K with VFINX, I believe they sent a message informing me that I could switch over to the admiral shares and it was just a matter of checking a box. Probably five minutes looking around the site will reveal how to switch it over.

I am new to investing and only have $30,000 in Vanguard Funds so take my advice with a grain of salt, but if it was me I would take advantage of the admiral share's low expense ratio for a while before diversifying more.


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Re: Automatic Investing and Questions
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2016, 02:42:30 PM »
 You can convert by going to my accounts>buy and sell>convert to admiral shares. Pretty sure they do do it automatically eventually. I don't think its a long time but won't be the minute you hit 10k.


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Re: Automatic Investing and Questions
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2016, 02:45:49 PM »
Vanguard will automatically convert for you. But it's not instant. You could also do it yourself easily.

Total international is another great fund. Up to you as to whether you start putting money into it now or wait until you have a bit more saved. Either is fine.


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Re: Automatic Investing and Questions
« Reply #4 on: June 04, 2016, 04:27:24 PM »
You can ask for the conversion online.  You don't have to telephone.

I decided what I wanted my allocation to be long term, then put all the money into one account until I hit the $10k threshold.  Then I pumped all the money into the next fund until it hit the $10k threshold.

After that, I put all my money into one fund until I reached my target allocation, at which time I split my contributions by the target allocation percent.

That way, I got to the minimum fees the fastest possible.


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