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Re: Australian Investment Advice
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A guy in my office bought a flat in a newly-built building recently and there is NO LIFT. He climbs eight flights of stairs to and from his place, which is great for a young fit guy, but what if he sprains his ankle? At first I thought he was joking. Nope. I guess no one with babies or young children, or elderly people, can ever live there.

That makes me laugh as my mum and dad raised two kids in a 1 bed apartment up on the 5th floor (no lift), and my grandfather lived and died at the age of 92 in exactly the same apartment.

What on earth did they do when someone was injured and couldn't climb the stairs?

Rule number 1: don't get injured.

Otherwise Family would carry them around. I am not saying it was a very good life but that's how 50 million people lived / still many millions live in my home country.

Yes... most of the world does not have lifts, or have lifts you would trust getting into.

The guy who lived to 92, he probably lived that long because he became super fit walking up and down those stairs every day.