Author Topic: Asset Allocation suggestions for landlords w/ 401k  (Read 2022 times)

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Asset Allocation suggestions for landlords w/ 401k
« on: November 16, 2015, 11:46:38 AM »
I can't pick an AA and stick to it... I have growing 401K contributing max yearly to stocks, bonds, REITs, 2040 vanguard all in one funds, total world stock, small cap value, etc, etc.  Then I have almost as much wrapped in real estate investing, where I have 4 house mortgages averaging 4.3 % interest.

How to I find a good 401k/IRA AA considering I could use monthly w2 income to pay down mortgages, pay back a 401k loan, pay into taxable account on top of 401/IRAs, or buy gold/tips, alternatives, etc.  I am a few years away from fire (hopefully 3), then looking to have real estate/liquid savings to bring in enough for 5 years while roth ladder, then withdraw from IRA for next 10 yrs until I get mortgages paid off and real estate covers all expenses.  That all assumes real estate market doesn't tank for landlords or disasters, etc..

Some days I think maybe just sell it all and drive away in the RV...easier to manage at least. 

So where to allocate 401k given rental properties, mortgages, FIRE desire, etc?


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Re: Asset Allocation suggestions for landlords w/ 401k
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2015, 01:50:12 PM »
It's impossible for me to decide for you. But I have a few ideas based on the fact I am a landlord too.
- Many bonds are the opposite of your mortgages, so there is little reason to own them. Especially "total bond" funds would probably include at least one of your mortgages from the opposite side. Stick to bonds for diversification, such as an emergency fund (but CD's or high yield savings might be better), a small % of long term treasuries solely for rebalancing, maybe emerging markets bonds if you think they would be useful, things like that. Otherwise you might as well go for stocks and repaying the mortgages.
-Similar for REIT's. You already have your own large REI, why add more? That is the opposite of diversification.
-You already have real estate, which protects against inflation. TIPS and probably even gold are thus not necessary for that purpose.


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Re: Asset Allocation suggestions for landlords w/ 401k
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2015, 05:52:28 AM »
Your AA should reflect your risk tolerance balanced with your anticipated return from those investments. Much like Radagast said it's impossible to decide for you. I would do some basic research into what investments are if you don't know via and write up an Investment Policy Statement

Nothing of what you're going through is unique. There is nothing magical or strange about your situation. You just need to come up with a plan, grok it, and execute it while looking at it for adjustments as necessary. So start with the first part, you've got three years-ish for the second, and the rest of your life for the third.