Author Topic: 15% jump in the number of private investors on Oslo stock exchange during corona  (Read 363 times)


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Just a little fun fact that I am sure is reflected around the world: While having more spare time, spending less money, and observing volatility in the markets, small savers in Norway jumped at the opportunity to invest in stocks. So much so, it led to a 15% increase in private savers. This excludes investment fonds.

Is this reflected where you live, too?


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I think this is probably the case all around the world because of:
  • No sports to bet on
  • Boredom of being stuck at home
  • Stimulus checks to burn
  • A lower barrier to entry than ever before (trading through Robinhood, Cash App, no commissions, etc.)
  • Higher than normal volatility

This article sums it up well, as does the attached HTZ chart:


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I saw another article about Hong Kong investors getting stimulus checks and aiming to double their money in the markets.

This is scary because:
1) Day trading will likely wipe out many millions of people,
2) Stimulus will not reach the real economy, and will instead accumulate in the hands of HFTs and market makers, and
3) A crash is more likely to occur.


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I thought it was the Dave Portnoy "Stocks always go up" bunch that was leading this charge.