Author Topic: Bonds and REITs - taxable or non-taxable/tax-advantaged accts?  (Read 791 times)


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Bonds and REITs - taxable or non-taxable/tax-advantaged accts?
« on: February 02, 2017, 07:19:13 PM »
Hey guys,

Am considering picking up some bonds and REITs to diversify a bit more. As it is I'm currently at:

FUSVX - 38.61%
FSEVX - 8.47%
FSTVX - 16.24%
FSGDX - 28.06% (I was rebalancing this with FSIVX for Tax-loss harvesting on my taxable account in 2014/2015)
Various ETFS (ITOT, IVV, IXUS, DVY) - 7.65%
NH PORTFOLIO 2033 (FIDELITY INDEX) - 0.48% (College Savings Plan for son)
FUSEX - 0.48% (UTMA acct for son)

Was considering picking up some FSRVX (REITs) and FSIYX (bonds). Would those two probably be good to throw into the mix at this point? I'm sort of using Personal Capital's investment checkup on "most aggressive" as a benchmark to get to the %s above though I'm pretty overweight in US Stocks (per the FUSVX, most of which is in a taxable account). The suggestion as of now is to increase investments in alternatives (which seems a bit risky depending on what you invest in) and also some bonds. If I do end up going with either or both of the funds I'm considering, should I buy them strictly in my tax-advantaged accts? Any ideas/suggestions?