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401k rollover options
« on: July 12, 2019, 11:06:12 AM »
The perpetual "leaving a job, what do I do with my 401k" question.

Current 401k: There are two "plans" because the employer contributions are in a separate one. I'm 100% vested in both. One is a little over 120K, the other is a little over 20K. They're both in a Vanguard target retirement fund with an ER of 0.09% (I don't know if there will be fees once I'm no longer an employee at my current job). There's a small amount of one that I accidentally contributed as Roth 401k contributions, if that's relevant.

New employer's 401k: can be invested in a Vanguard target fund (ER 0.09%), VMFXX (ER 0.11%), VBTIX (ER 0.04%), VSMPX (0.02%), VTSNX (0.08%), or VFTNX (0.12%).

I also have an existing Vanguard tIRA invested in VTSAX (ER 0.04%). I'm currently a little bit heavy on stocks in my assets mix, which includes a taxable account and an HSA investment.

I realize these is a really good problem to have, but I'm freezing specifically because the choices are so similar.