Author Topic: "Intermediate" and "Near" term investment options for a lump sum (or split)  (Read 210 times)


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Hey all,

I have about $550k from a condo sale currently sitting in a savings account I opened to park the funds after the sale (back in Aug/Sept). I'm not sure when we will buy if we even do at all - the housing market is nuts here in SoCal (South OC) so it's hard finding something reasonable with the current inventory levels. I'm thinking at most I'd put a down payment of anywhere from $300-400k if we were to wind up down here. Things feel really up in the air though as we have thrown around potentially moving out of state or out of the country even. For the time being I'm planning just to ride out my current position however long that lasts - I feel like the writing is on the wall with the way things have been going at my company and I'm tired of corporate so just thinking ahead about what I might possibly want to do.

That said, does anyone have any recommendations on how I should invest the funds or how I should split it up? Should I just keep $400k parked in the current savings (Chase, so I'm currently Private client) and put the remainder into ITOT at Fidelity? Should I put a portion of it in a CD (or multiple CDs)? Something else?