Author Topic: New Group for Masterminds and Entrepreneurs - SPI PRO (Pat Flynn)  (Read 344 times)


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This is not an ad - this is my own real experience...  If you're looking for more like-minded business people to talk with, have masterminds, etc, then I would take a look at SPI Pro.  This is a community created by Pat Flynn (which hopefully if you're into business, you're familiar.  If not, hopefully you're familiar with my little friend, Google).


I found Pat's podcast/website Smart Passive Income and started listening a few years back.  I found the guests, information, etc to all be very helpful in getting my own business going.  When he announced "FlynnConn" - a conference type event I decided to go.  It was good, but most people attending were just getting started.  I was already doing 6 figures in my business and was looking for a more experienced group.  I found out about a private mastermind group with Pat (which cost a lot of money) and decided to do it.  It was awesome and a great learning experience.  Pat is just as real in person as he is online.  Well after that we have 2020...  and no in person mastermind.  BUT - he started this community SPI pro.  I joined, participate in a mastermind group there, and it's working very well.  Like I said, I paid A LOT of un-mustachian dollars to be in his in-person mastermind, but found value.  This community online is dirt cheap in comparison, but I think offers a similar value.

This is a link (affiliate link!)
Not an affiliate link (same place, don't use my link if you don't want to)

If you're looking for this type of group, I highly recommend it.


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Re: New Group for Masterminds and Entrepreneurs - SPI PRO (Pat Flynn)
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2021, 01:23:13 PM »
Hi k-vette, do you mind sharing how much you spent to be part of this group?

I ask because this is a business model I am actually considering building, as someone with 25 years of experience advising ppl in business. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to share the numbers publicly. Thanks!