Author Topic: Name your "side hustle"  (Read 16969 times)


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Re: Name your "side hustle"
« Reply #100 on: March 01, 2018, 08:56:12 PM »
Consulting and Purchasing for optimizing Vacation Rentals

I live in a tourist heavy area that is full of substandard rentals. After 're-doing' a few vacation rentals for a friend, I got more more interest in my services. I've always been somewhat of a bargain hunter, and this resonates well with my clients as they know I won't spend their money frivolously. Plus is that I get to spend time thrifting, which I enjoy, without spending my own money! I make an extra $4-6k a year doing this job and it is fun!

Do you redecorate, refurnish, suggest renovations, or all of those?  What a fun side hustle!


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Re: Name your "side hustle"
« Reply #101 on: March 02, 2018, 05:05:53 AM »
Teaching English online to kids in China. My referral link is in my signature.

ETA: I made about $800 last month. Once I ER and have more time, I'll up this to $1500/mo.
How many hours per month do you work (not just face to face time) for the $800? How many hours do you expect to earn for the $1500?

I make $20/hr (slightly more when you factor in no shows and random incentives). I think I worked 37 hours in September for the $800. For $1500, I anticipate about 75 hrs a month.

My wife also works for VIP Kids and makes roughly $20 per hour teaching English from home. She really seems to enjoy it. I plan on doing the same thing when I'm done with my full time job at the end of the month. Our plan is to both work about 12-14 hours per week and eventually work on the road 3-4 months per year.

To become an ESL teacher online, does one generally have to come from a teaching background (education, experience, etc...)?

I can't speak for other companies requirements but I know VIP Kids requires at least 1 year of teaching experience but you don't have to be a classroom teacher. Teaching experience can be anything from home schooling, working at a summer camp, Boy/Girl Scout leader etc.. They do require at least a bachelors degree.

VIP Kids is like running your own business. You really have to market yourself to get bookings by parents and you have to continue to get certified to teach different levels. Bookings are slow at first. It can take a few months to make an income but once you get regulars, you'll have consistent hours. You can do it from anywhere that has a good WIFI connection. Keep in mind that many of the online teaching companies hire you as an independent contractor which means you're paying 100% of your FICA taxes.

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Re: Name your "side hustle"
« Reply #102 on: May 22, 2018, 05:41:53 PM »
Update on my screen printed apparel business:  have met with vendors to discuss print costs/capabilities.  Going to start attending SBA meetings in my area.  Also getting a SCORE mentor.  Taking baby steps because Iím working full time.  Canít wait til the day I can report that Iím open for business!

Thank you all for your replies.  So much to think about.  I'm now considering the option of contracting out the screen printing itself to a local vendor to avoid the upfront capital cost of equipment purchase.