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Title: Elementary School tutoring
Post by: dneck37 on July 27, 2021, 02:31:26 PM
Hey Guys,

Anyone an experienced freelance tutor? My wife is a recently "retired" Kindergarten teacher and would like to take on some students to tutor on the weeknights for some extra funds in the piggy bank. She posted a listing on facebook with a cover letter and her bio. Are there other good ways to reach out to potential students and does anyone have any tips for someone just starting out?

Thank you ahead of time for the responses, any advice is appreciated.
Title: Re: Elemantary School tutoring
Post by: kei te pai on July 28, 2021, 01:20:51 AM
Check your spelling , first tip.
Title: Re: Elementary School tutoring
Post by: travel2020 on July 30, 2021, 11:58:10 PM
Iíve come across many posts on local community groups on Facebook and on sites like Nextdoor asking for tutor recommendations so that might be one way to get the word out. I should add that at least in our area, most such posters are looking for middle school/high school tutors.

There are also sites like,, etc. that may be a good starting points for getting referrals in exchange for a % of fees collected.
Title: Re: Elementary School tutoring
Post by: trixiebelden on July 31, 2021, 12:03:01 AM
If she's done the kindergarten thing, look into getting certified as a Barton tutor for dyslexic kids. They are in high demand and charge $100-$200/hr depending on the area and are often covered by insurance.

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