Author Topic: Your ideas for seasonal outdoor/garden displays for Autumn and Winter  (Read 590 times)


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As fall is upon us in the upper midwest I'm looking for ways to overwinter outdoor plants and decorate outdoors (in a mustachian way, of course) for fall.

Right now I'm getting good instructions for dividing and overwintering my prolific Boston ferns from Costco.  Sure, I can pitch them and spend another $40 next year to get new ones, but why??? But, I'd like to find a way of bringing them indoors where they won't create huge messes.

Also up next, gathering seedheads, drying hydrangeas, trimming dogwoods and ornamental grasses,  and otherwise finding natural materials (pumpkins, gourds) to make the front entry look festive for fall.  Working on it....  In the winter I hit up the (FREE!) discard pile at the local tree farm for winter greenery.

I'm recovering from the many years I spent mucho bucks on my outdoor containers.  I enjoy crafty stuff and making things look nice, but I'd like to save some $$.

If you have ideas, tips, or photos please share them here.