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Title: Wrought iron stair balusters
Post by: BananaPants on April 18, 2015, 07:57:17 AM
We bought this house 9 years ago and it had a missing baluster on the stairs at the time which was no biggie for us and that we've sort of grown to ignore.  It's very visually obvious to people in our living room and is sort of trashy-looking, plus our younger child's early intervention people use the stairs for physical therapy and pointed out to us that the step with the missing baluster doesn't meet building code.  So we need to get it done and the wrought iron balusters seem like the easiest option as well as being a more updated look.

Has anyone actually done this?  I've seen several tutorials online for replacing wooden balusters with wrought iron and it SEEMS easy but we want to make sure it really is.