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Title: Issues with motion activated switch
Post by: Spork on March 22, 2017, 09:16:38 AM

I've got this motion activated switch (  It is controlling a fan.  (See "random facts" below).  I installed it a couple of years ago (replacing a similar switch of a different brand).  When installed, it was working perfectly.  A couple years later and... It switches on fine.  It runs for the correct amount of time.  It turns off for about half a second, senses motion when there is none and starts back.  It mostly does this in low lighting conditions.  More light == better sensing of "no motion."  Eventually, it will sense no motion and stop, but after running that fan for a long, long time.

There *is* a light level adjustment screw.  Turning it a little clockwise off of the "sweet spot" (lights will come on in lighter conditions) will make it such that it cannot sense motion in any light.  Turning it a little counter clockwise off of the "sweet spot" (lights come on in less light) and it will NEVER turn off.  It constantly cycles back on after the run time.  I can cover the sensor with tape and it goes to the constant "never sensing" cycle off/on.

Random facts that are possibly just distractions:
Title: Re: Issues with motion activated switch
Post by: Spork on March 22, 2017, 10:36:38 AM

Dust, most definitely.  This is a de-stink fan for a cat litter box. 

I'll look at the sensor.  Good idea.  I think I can get to it without even taking off the switchplate cover.  (The adjustment screws are accessible by just snapping off a cover... I think the sensor cover might as well.)