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Title: Fridge knocking
Post by: tennisray on December 23, 2014, 01:43:06 PM
I have a fridge that is not too old (7 years), but they don't make them like they used to.  It knocks really loudly.  What I've read is that the compressor is knocking around due to the springs holding it in place failing.  I can't figure out if it is something I can change.  The people who write about it just ended up buying a new fridge, but I'm not sure if they tried to quiet it or not.  Supposedly, it doesn't affect the fridge function.  It's just really noisy everytime the it cycles off.  I've opened the back up and I can get to it, but I'm not sure how hot the thing can get and I don't want to stick a towel back there to dampen the noise if it is a safety issue (OK, I would, but my wife draws the line there).

Title: Re: Fridge knocking
Post by: MikeBear on December 23, 2014, 06:21:45 PM
If you can't easily replace the mounting springs, maybe you can fix it the 'poor man's' way?

Stuff some Styrofoam in the places needed to keep it from knocking against, whatever it's knocking against?
Title: Re: Fridge knocking
Post by: Greg on December 24, 2014, 10:32:38 AM
I have a fridge that's about 8 years old that has made knock noises form new.  When questioned about it, the manufacturer said it was normal, and I found it in the owner's manual even.