Author Topic: Do I need to add oil to car AC compressor in this situation?  (Read 626 times)


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This is a 1998 Camry. I am doing some AC work. I have replaced the receiver drier and hope to charge the system soon. Do I need to add oil to the system? I didn't do anything with the compressor itself. The system has just been "open" since I bought the car a few years ago. Only the high side was attached to the receiver drier. Someone had broken the head off the bolt on the low side, so it was completely off. Do I need to add oil before attempting to charge the system? If so, how do I figure out how much oil is still in the system?

The factory service manual says to add 20 mL of oil if the receiver drier is replaced. But I'd think I'd have to add more if the system has been open all this time.
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Re: Do I need to add oil to car AC compressor in this situation?
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Yes I just ordered oil from Amazon and poured a bit into the receiver prior to connecting it up:

Maybe poured in 1/5 of the container as I had a leak in the lower part of the condenser and assumed that I lost all the previous oil.  Sounds like you may need more than one container...