Author Topic: Moving choices - from a Mustachian's perspective  (Read 935 times)


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Moving choices - from a Mustachian's perspective
« on: February 13, 2024, 02:32:26 PM »
So I posted an update in my other (long) thread here and figured I'd post this question separately as I really would like opinions from other Mustachians specifically with respect to this decision.

I left Atlanta almost 2 years ago when my mom had a stroke. I'm in SC now not far from the small city I was born/raised in. I just turned 45, am single and moved my mom in with me so I'm her caregiver now. We have a very very small family that we are not close to fyi.

I realllllly don't see myself living here forever.  (Truth be told is that I'd like to move yesterday.)  I spent most of my adult life in Atlanta (3 different times) and Chicago (5 years there-my job is headquartered there but I've been working from home now for said employer for 7 years).

In a perfect world, I'd move to a city I could see myself retiring in which would be a metro area, have good restaurants, an international airport (I like to travel to Europe), decent cost of living, public transit (or ability to live 'city center' somewhere without a car), great options for doctors/hospitals, 4 seasons and a fair sized AA population/some diversity. FYI I've lived in both Chi and ATL without a car. I'm a renter and I see myself buying in say the 3-5 year timeframe (hopefully) - either a duplex (so I can house hack) or a condo (I love high rises but loathe yards). I love newer and smaller spaces over say older, bigger houses/places.

Since it's not a perfect world I'm looking for the best combination of things that will afford now me 'and' my mom a good quality of life, cost of living is a very high priority. I recognize I will have to compromise on some things above (i.e., her wheelchair use now means a bit more housing space is needed than I have required for just myself living solo in the past). I should mention that if I can't live 'city center' somewhere, it is important I have access to neighborhoods that have a lot to offer close by (i.e., I can live farther out if a neighborhood is close to grocery, gym, retail, etc. or possibly even has those things within the community itself).

Cities under consideration currently include: Nashville, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Charlotte. Lisbon, Portugal was also under consideration - we went there 2 months ago and stayed for a month and right now I've crossed it off the list for a number of reasons although it remains my favorite place to visit. I just returned 2 days ago from a work trip to San Diego and thought it was lovely but of course it's too expensive IMO. I've been to San Fran a few times and I like Cali a lot but can't quite see myself on the west coast due to cost (and work hours).

Basically I'm looking for comments on what cities (doesn't have to be any of the above ones) that you would consider if you were in my shoes given the circumstances, preferences and need to be somewhat cost conscious. Any questions, feel free to ask away as I have already somewhat outlined (in my head) some of the pro's & con's to me choosing any of the cities above if you'd like to hear...thanks!

ETA: Not to throw a complete wrench in things but I must mention that as a solo caregiver, the PACE program [link removed] has been my main source of support and has really made a difference in me being able to bring my mom home to live with me (she was in a horrible nursing home here in SC up until 4ish months ago). Not every city has a PACE program; I have not decided yet if I want to only move to cities that have one as that would change everything. I welcome all thoughts/opinions!


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Re: Moving choices - from a Mustachian's perspective
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2024, 10:25:32 AM »
Based on your criteria, I would take a look at Detroit. Downtown Detroit prices have risen in the past 5 years, but it is still relatively affordable for a large metro area. The city center is *amazing* now. (Seriously. When I was a kid it was 100% blighted hellscape. It is now teeming with students, tourists, sports fans and of course residents.) Large African American population. Tons of cultural resources. Strong church communities. DTW is a major hub airport.

Michigan has expanded Medicaid and PACE for your mom. The metro area has some of the best healthcare in the country including the University of Michigan system.

Honestly, if I could tolerate winter, I would have moved to Detroit instead of Tampa.