Author Topic: T2 Tax Preparation Software Recommendations  (Read 64 times)


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T2 Tax Preparation Software Recommendations
« on: February 14, 2018, 02:14:18 PM »
Hey guys,

I started a corporation in March of 2017 and am currently going through my first tax cycle. It is a simple subcontractor business with only one employee (myself).

I've looked into the recommended tax preparation softwares out there at this site:

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations from software they've used before, or could add details to prices from what I can gather from their websites. I'm leaning towards futuretax based on this review and the price: but haven't used any of these before excepting Turbotax when it was free for personal filing. (Sorry if the comments are incoherent, I can clarify them if anyone is interested).

Software NameCostComments
Cantax212Per Filing
Taxprep???Free Trial Downloaded
DT Professional Suite???Free Trial Emailed
FutureTax79.99Confirmed this counts AB Filing (59.99 without)
InsureTax???website doesn't work
mytaxexpress69.98mentioned AB license required, cheap website
taxcycle775for tax preparers
TurboTax Incorporated249.99Per return | audit help 49.99
UfileT2124.95Free to fill out it seems
VisualTax75T1/T2 Combo???
webtax4b129.99Includes AB | bad website | online
Taxtron Web???Free online?? | email sent
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