Author Topic: [CAN] ETF allocation across accounts  (Read 2350 times)


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[CAN] ETF allocation across accounts
« on: September 26, 2019, 09:14:35 AM »
Let's say that I was about to stop using Wealthsimple and start working on my ETFs myself (already have the accounts ready with National Bank). Unfortunately I'm not yet at the stage where I need non-registered accounts. It will have to wait for the house to be paid off (target end of 2024).

So for now I'll let what's at Wealthsimple alone, and will start contributing at National Bank starting next month. I want to keep it as simple as possible. So the plan so far is:
- Boost the mortgage to keep the target where it is
- TFSA: All in VEQT (66% of savings)
- RRSP: All in VGRO (33% of savings)

I can't think of anything much simpler, and I'm very fine with the risk associated with the portfolio. Watcha all think about that plan?

Considering that VEQT and VGRO hold much of the same ETF anyway, should I rather go VUN+VIU+VEE+VAB in the RRSP and VCN in the TFSA, and rebalance myself?

ps. Early 30s, income around 70k for 2019, no hints that I'll reach the next tax bracket any soon
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Re: [CAN] ETF allocation across accounts
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2019, 02:19:32 AM »
Sounds like a good change from Wealthsimple. I quite like the standard CCP mix of XAW/VCN/ZAG but VGRO and kin are excellent products. Managing more ETFs can lower your MERs, but at a trade-off of rebalancing commissions and more time commitment. If you are into the details it can certainly be worth it. However, don't let anyone dissuade you from the value of simplicity. Paying a little bit more for something that manages itself has real value. Only you can make that decision.

VGRO is cheaper than Wealthsimple. Once you have some taxable money, you can revisit it later for greater tax efficiency.


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Re: [CAN] ETF allocation across accounts
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2019, 02:01:47 PM »
I definitely like the Vanguard portfolio / wrap products for ease of investing, low cost.  I am recommending them to friends more often than any other solution.

Especially when the total invested is under $100k - $300k.

Over $300k, it starts to make sense to look into reducing the MER yet again, from 0.22 to half that, especially if you only have two accounts.   I find that rebalancing and residual amounts held as CASH also pull from the total return, and these costs increase with more funds / accounts.

Your biggest gains right now are the new money that you are adding, not in saving $100/yr by increasing your workload and reducing MERs from very low to extremely low.