Author Topic: Share Your (Australia-Centric) Resources on Assett Allocation  (Read 3900 times)


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Please share any resources you have found useful in understanding asset allocation and setting yours.

Over the years I've seen some great advice/links posted in the Australian Investing Thread, Superannuation Thread etc but now that I'm feeling ready for a refresh on this topic I know it's going to take a long time to weed through those threads.

I'm planning to share any good resources I find here and hope others will do the same.

This could include topics such as home bias, model portfolios, which asset classes to hold inside/outside super, rebalancing, adjusting allocation in preparation for/upon retirement, your personal asset allocation and philosophy, etc.

Let's keep this on topic and avoid any digressions into politics and what you think is wrong/right about the system.
My situation - Most of our stash is outside super at the moment and we are planning to start contributing a lot more to super over the coming few years. Until now
I've stuck with a 'Balanced' managed fund in my super as the stakes were low, but now I'm ready to optimise this. We're also pretty heavily weighted to residential property outside super so thinking we don't need any further property allocation within super. But what about commercial property and infrastructure? Must research...


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Re: Share Your (Australia-Centric) Resources on Assett Allocation
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