Author Topic: Are cash distributions usually included in annual statements from an ETF?  (Read 809 times)


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My annual statement from an ETF has auto populated in my online tax return, however it doesn't seem to include the cash distributions I received throughout the year.

Are these usually included in the auto-populated ETF statement? Or do you enter them yourself somewhere else?


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The share registry for your ETF should keep track of all transactions, reinvestment allotments and cash dividends.

But yes, cash distributions aren't typically auto populated far as I can remember.


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If you read the annual statement it has a reconciliation between the taxable components of the distribution and the cash you received. Only the taxable components details go into your return.

It's good practice to be aware of the tax consequences of what you have invested in - trusts distribute cash profits but you are taxed on the taxable components of the distributions which include interest, dividends, foreign income and capital gains. You may also receive franking credits and foreign tax credits too.

Additionally you need to separately track the AMIT cost base adjustments.