Author Topic: Young Mustachians need advice for future "investing"real estate v stock?  (Read 2381 times)


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My husband and I live very frugally and make a decent living in the midwest. We have 2 young boys (4 and 0) and would like to plan out how we can retire earlier to spend as much time with them as we can. We just recently told our mortgage company to stick it and paid our balance in full, however when planning for our future a few questions comes to mind. We are looking to buy a rental home for the security and cash flow however the city we live in we are competeting with other investors who do this gig full time.
We'd like to buy at least one rental house but we do wonder on "putting our eggs" into one basket so to speak on the chances of rental house incomes drying up, however it seems like if we just want to save enough money of our own to invest then we are looking at a retirement of 15 years from now rather then 8 (and thats being cautious)  I'd like some advice from fellow mustachians on what we should look for in investing for security and cash flow.